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Heart Awareness Month Act of Kindness

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February is here and in full effect, packed with exciting events such as Valentine's Day and the fact that it's black history month💪🏽! I, however, would like to shed some light on American Heart Awareness.  Although heart failure/ issues affects all races, the stats are significantly higher for African Americans (47%) and has affected African Americans for generations.  I am sharing this because people need to be aware. It's not just about diet and exercise, our emotions play a huge role in our health as well. EMOTIONS ARE SERIOUS. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, sad or depressed can affect the chemical makeup of our bodies. With self care, love and the awareness we can remove HF from our history.

This month, I am partnering with @intrinsiczone and the @xviifoundation to give back and bring awareness of how self love and care can help us better this statistic in our community. Any dollar amount will be accepted. 

If you have any questions, message us at

Also visit and message Intrinsiczone's XVII foundation at XVII | intrinsicZone to get more information on the XVII foundation.